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Sometimes, just looking at a piece of clothing, folded over a hanger in your closet, can trigger a
flashback, flooding you with emotions. Whether its an outfit you wore on a big day or a dress that
travelled across the globe with you, garments have a unique power of taking us back to certain

At RUDRAAKSHA, we want you to embrace new experiences in our creations. With impeccable
tailoring, timeless styles and plush fabrics, we design pieces for your next holiday, promising to make
all your vacation wardrobe dreams come true!
We produce collections that are thoughtfully designed to offer the comfiest, most delightful escape
women, options. Whether its a day at the beach, a meal out in nature, or a walk in the city, you can
wear us anywhere.

Our values are the foundation of our work culture. Thriving in a culture of continuous growth, learning
and skill building we put an immense amount of trust in our colleagues and empower them to explore
their own journey with us.