Who We Are ?


Sometimes, just looking at a piece of clothing, folded over a hanger in your closet, can trigger a flashback, flooding you with emotions. Whether its an outfit you wore on a big day or a dress that travelled across the globe with you, garments have a unique power of taking us back to certain experiences.

At RUDRAAKSHA, we want you to embrace new experiences in our creations. With impeccable tailoring, timeless styles and plush fabrics, we design pieces for your next holiday, promising to make all your vacation wardrobe dreams come true! We produce collections that are thoughtfully designed to offer the comfiest, most delightful escape women, options. Whether its a day at the beach, a meal out in nature, or a walk in the city, you can wear us anywhere. Let us offer you the perfect departure from reality. Come enjoy better with us.

Our values are the foundation of our work culture. Thriving in a culture of continuous growth, learning and skill building we put an immense amount of trust in our colleagues and empower them to explore their own journey with us. Always looking to find a better way forward, we are happy to experiment and have our ideas challenged by our brilliant team. RUDRAAKSHA, we are passionate about creating an inclusive work environment and encourage everyone to embrace diverse perspectives.
We believe that it’s the people that make us who we are. We truly enjoy better with you. THE ANCESTRY WOMAN The Ancestry woman is well- travelled and well-informed, progressive in outlook and open to new knowledge and experiences with a keen sense of history and an eye on the future. She is the.